Zombie Cherub Moleskine Sketch

5 07 2009

Skineart.com sez:

“What if zombies got into heaven, how different could it be?”


Zombie Haiku

1 07 2009

Encourage the zombie poet in you to come out by reading the entries to Topless Robot‘s Zombie Haiku challenge.  Some of these entries are priceless:

Because I love you
That’s why you have to let me

Yum yum in my tum
I love brains they tastes so good
Brains I love I hungry

Although the contest is officially closed, you can still post your own zombie-related Haiku poem.

Cardiovascular paper makes you look like a zombie

1 07 2009

Paris-based photographer Laurent Champoussin designed these cool-looking paper models of cardiovascular veins. When applied to the skin, it looks like a zombie actually chewed through to the core.  The paper is meant to be a work of art based on the écorché model, so don’t expect to find these on the market.  Still, I so want this for next Halloween!

[via Street Anatomy]

Undead Knitting Patterns by Amigurumi

17 06 2009

Needle Noodles is selling the patterns to knit these cute little undead characters.    The knitting kit (available for sale on Etsy for only $5 USD) contains everything you need to knit all four characters, including illustrations, hints, and tips.

Zombie Lego Painting Sale at ART-B-Que (Atlanta)

16 06 2009

UPDATE: Sadly, it appears that this year’s Art-B-Que was actually held last Saturday, June 13, 2009.  If you are still interested in purchasing from Colin, you can head on over to his store, there are still some left-overs available.

Brian Colin, a talented illustrator whose paintings often blend culture, and fantasy, will be on-hand at Bart Webb Studio to sell and promote his new series of paintings of small lego zombies as part of The Atlanta Group’s yearly ART-B-Que.  Colin does a fantastic job transforming those cute little guys into zombie goodness.  His paintings go on sale on Saturday, June 21st at 2 pm.