Max Brooks brings zombie terror to graphic novels

6 06 2009

Recorded Attacks Promotion

Max Brooks has seen it all.  After all, he was there during the Great Zombie Uprising, and has written “The Zombie Survival Guide” to help those of us who were fortunate enough to escape such a tragedy.

Years later, he published a series of interviews with dignitaries and military officials involved in the near destruction of humankind during The Zombie Wars, in the aptly titled “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War”.

Max is now taking us beyond print fiction into the surreal world of apocalyptic zombie comics.  as a follow-up to one of the best zombie books of all time. Drawn in unadulterated black and white, “Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks” will chronicle the most famous zombie outbreaks, “gruesomely illustrated in graphic novel form.”

Although the graphic novel is not scheduled to be released until October 2009, Random House has posted a compelling promotional video.  If you just can’t wait, Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble are taking pre-orders now.