Take the Zombie Survival Quiz

1 07 2009

How will you fare when the big outbreak hits ?  Find out now by taking News and Entertainment‘s Zombie Survival Quiz.

Clearly, I would not last very long:

My Zombie Survival Rank


Play Zombie or Solider in ZombieMan

21 06 2009

ZombieManZombie Man is yet another Zombie flash mini-game hosted on UK’s premier free gaming site, “Your Arcade“. The premise is the same – you are a solider who must destroy as many zombies as you can.  One bite, however, and you turn into a zombie, where you must infect as many soldiers as possible. This cat-and-mouse game continues, as the number of soldiers and zombies increases with each level.  The controls are intuitive and easy to use, and the soundtrack makes you feel like you are playing a real arcade game.

Oh, and there’s a ZombieMan 2 game when you’re done with this one…

Lego Zombie Game at Fyrebug

21 06 2009

Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly licensed by The Lego Group, but this Lego Zombie game on Fyrebug should provide a few hours of zombie carnage.

Lego Zombie Game on Fyrebug

Tiny Vampire Flash Games

9 06 2009

Free Games Online 2 has a collection of seven tiny vampire flash games and movies.  Some are good, most are bad, but they are all screaming originality and talent.

Also interesting are the dress-up mini-games for kids.  Not sure if vampires and cut-up dolls should mix…

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trailer [Castlevania]

5 06 2009

Lords of Shadow Trailer

The Castlevania series that gained its popularity in the late 1980’s has gotten a complete make-over, and a star-studded trailer was released at this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) convention.

The Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trailer tells the story of Gabriel, who appears to be a pawn in the ongoing battle between Dracula, a blood thirsty vampire, and the Belmonts, a vampire-hunting family. The trailer mentions a mask that can bring back the dead, and werewolves can be seen stalking on a cliff ledge near the end.

We can clearly hear the voices of Patrick Stewart, Robert Carlyle (“Begbie” from “Trainspotting”), Jason Isaacs, and Natasha McElhone (“Karen” from “Californication”), although it is not clear if they will be lending their voices to the game itself.

The game is created by Konami, and is scheduled for release sometime in 2010.  The game web site is still under development, but am sure that Konami will not dissapoint.