Teenagers create and star in zombie flick

24 06 2009

According to the New York Post:

Thanks to three determined teachers and some pals in the entertainment business, about 40 eighth-graders from Queens have turned into a pack of raging, bloodthirsty ghouls — or future movie stars. Take your pick.  The project, a 30-minute horror flick called ‘School of the Dead,’ stars 13- and 14-year-old students from IS 145 in Jackson Heights.”


Tommy Wirkola on “Dead Snow”

24 06 2009

Beth Accomando of KBPS talks to Tommy Wirkola, director and writer of the norwegian film “Dead Snow“, about ideas for the movie, working with zombies, and future development plans.  The movie had a limited release in North America starting June 19, 2009.

Shriekfest 2009 now accepting nominations (Los Angeles, CA)

17 06 2009

The Los Angeles Shriekfest Horror Film Festival 2009 is now accepting film nominations in the horror, science fiction, and fantasy genres.  The festival, to be held October 1-4, 2009, is an international festival and screenplay competition dedicated to getting filmmakers and screenwriters the recognition they deserve.

Last year’s festival was a great success – you can find a list of all 2008 finalists here.  This year, the film screenings will take place in the beautiful Chaplin Theatre.

If you have a film to nominate for the festival, you can print the entry form, and submit it before Tuesday, June 30, 2009.

Zombies descend on Governers Island in NY

9 06 2009

New York Entertainment Magazine tells the story of zombies descending on Governers Island in NY, for the filming of a new movie entitled “Isle of the Dead” (not to be confused with the 1945 Boris Karloff movie of the same name).

The movie, produced by artistic houses “Creative Time” and “The Bruce High Quality Foundation“, takes a look at a harsh reality by drawing references to our hard financial times.

Isle of the Dead has a pretty simple plot line — the credit crisis kills the art world and its players, who reemerge as zombies in an alternative movement inspired only by art from the past. The film begins with sweeping shots of dead bodies splayed out in front of the Met, Guggenheim, and Whitney museums, plus a strip of galleries in Chelsea, and ends with a zombie uprising on Governors Island, where the zombies congregate for a sing-along to the Bryan Adams classic, “Summer of ’69.”

I was all about it, until I heard that the zombies were signing to Bryan Adams.  Still, may be worth a gander…