Zombie Evolution Essay

5 07 2009

Steven Duarte dissects the evolution of the Zombie in modern pop culture, specifically as it relates to movies, in a recent article written for Human Trend.  In addition to providing an accurate historical account of zombie movies, the article outlines the importance of keeping the genre alive for future generations.


Zombie make-over

8 06 2009

Jane Fryer is a hands-on journalist writing for “The Daily Mail“.  In today’s installment of the UK’s popular newspaper “Femail” column, she gets a complete make-over.  A zombie makeover, that is…  Following in the footsteps of Kelly Brook in the up-and-coming “Piranha 3-D” movie, Jane guides us through the process of making herself more hideous.  In the end, the make-up dudes do a fantastic job in turning her into a corpse who just got her face chewed up.