Teenagers create and star in zombie flick

24 06 2009

According to the New York Post:

Thanks to three determined teachers and some pals in the entertainment business, about 40 eighth-graders from Queens have turned into a pack of raging, bloodthirsty ghouls — or future movie stars. Take your pick.  The project, a 30-minute horror flick called ‘School of the Dead,’ stars 13- and 14-year-old students from IS 145 in Jackson Heights.”


Tommy Wirkola on “Dead Snow”

24 06 2009

Beth Accomando of KBPS talks to Tommy Wirkola, director and writer of the norwegian film “Dead Snow“, about ideas for the movie, working with zombies, and future development plans.  The movie had a limited release in North America starting June 19, 2009.

“Undead and Unwelcome” at #14

24 06 2009

The Hastings Star Gazette reports that…

“Author MaryJanice Davidson’s newest book, ‘Undead and Unwelcome’ recently reached number 14 on the New York Times Best-Seller list. It’s the highest any of Davidson’s books has ever climbed on the list.”

ARhrrrr – An Augmented Reality Zombie Game

21 06 2009

Students at the Georgia Tech Augmented Environments Lab have created another innovative user interface that could see the light of day in engineering and science fields.

In this prototype game “ARhrrr“, the player uses a mobile camera phone to navigate through a real two-dimensional map. The beauty of this product is that computer-generated elements are added to the scene being filmed by the camera.  This means that zombies are digitally added to the map, and the player interacts with the map via the different customized buttons in the camera.

To win the game, the player must destroy the zombies with rainbow-coloured Skittles.  Yes, you read right… Skittles.  How cool is that ?

Play Zombie or Solider in ZombieMan

21 06 2009

ZombieManZombie Man is yet another Zombie flash mini-game hosted on UK’s premier free gaming site, “Your Arcade“. The premise is the same – you are a solider who must destroy as many zombies as you can.  One bite, however, and you turn into a zombie, where you must infect as many soldiers as possible. This cat-and-mouse game continues, as the number of soldiers and zombies increases with each level.  The controls are intuitive and easy to use, and the soundtrack makes you feel like you are playing a real arcade game.

Oh, and there’s a ZombieMan 2 game when you’re done with this one…

Vampire Compendium

21 06 2009

Paranormal Insight has a lengthy (but informative) article on the Vampire in modern culture.  The expose lists the most common types of vampires that can be found around the world, and provides an account of vampires in pop culture and science.  The article even gives you advice on how to protect yourself from an imminent vampire attack.

Lego Zombie Game at Fyrebug

21 06 2009

Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly licensed by The Lego Group, but this Lego Zombie game on Fyrebug should provide a few hours of zombie carnage.

Lego Zombie Game on Fyrebug