The Vampire Diaries coming to TV

10 06 2009

Before anyone goes ranting about “yet another Twilight book“, do not be fooled.  “The Vampire Diaries”, although targeted for young adults, has definitely darker themes then its tween-obsessed predecessor.  This is where the differences end, however.

Yes, it’s a love story.  Yes, it involves vampires.  Yes, it is full of moments that make young girls giggle.  What makes “The Vampire Diaries” unique, however, is the twist the author, L.J. Smith spins in every one of her books.

The rumours can now be laid to rest –, a fan site, reports that The CW network was given the go-ahead by the publishing house to begin promoting a TV series based on the popular book series.  The series is scheduled to appear in the 2009 Fall schedule.

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