UPDATE: Fremont Walk a success

4 07 2009

The “Red, White, and Dead” event in Fremont, CA, WA drew in over 5,000 zombiephiles to break the Guiness world record of “Largest Zombie Walk”.  See The Ballard News Tribune for details and pictures.


Zombie Walk at Fremont Outdoor Movies (Seattle)

2 07 2009

Zombie Walk at Fremont Outdoor MoviesFremont Outdoor Movies in Seattle is hoping to capture the Guiness Book of World Records‘ title of “Largest Zombie Walk in The World” this Friday, July 3rd.  Over 4,000 zombiephiles will gather for a night of undead mayhem, as the walk is just part of the fun.  Have your picture taken at the post-apocalyptic photo booth, and learn Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance.  Just don’t forget to dress up!  Oh, and it’s a charity gig – make sure to bring a canned good to the show!

Teenagers create and star in zombie flick

24 06 2009

According to the New York Post:

Thanks to three determined teachers and some pals in the entertainment business, about 40 eighth-graders from Queens have turned into a pack of raging, bloodthirsty ghouls — or future movie stars. Take your pick.  The project, a 30-minute horror flick called ‘School of the Dead,’ stars 13- and 14-year-old students from IS 145 in Jackson Heights.”

Tommy Wirkola on “Dead Snow”

24 06 2009

Beth Accomando of KBPS talks to Tommy Wirkola, director and writer of the norwegian film “Dead Snow“, about ideas for the movie, working with zombies, and future development plans.  The movie had a limited release in North America starting June 19, 2009.

Lego Zombie Game at Fyrebug

21 06 2009

Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly licensed by The Lego Group, but this Lego Zombie game on Fyrebug should provide a few hours of zombie carnage.

Lego Zombie Game on Fyrebug

“The Left And The Living Dead” on The American Prospect

17 06 2009
Zombie Movies by Decade

Zombie Movies by Decade

I don’t normally subscribe to their point of view, but the leftist American magazine “The American Prospect” has an excellent article that explains how the American People can actually benefit from a zombie invasion, at least politically.

“While one can certainly use zombies to express all kinds of ideas, I would argue that at heart, the genre is a progressive one. It’s true that fighting off the zombie horde requires plentiful firearms, no doubt pleasing Second Amendment advocates. And in a zombie movie, government tends to be either ineffectual or completely absent.”

And all this time, I thought the Government was already run by zombies…

Baby Zombie T-Shirts for Sale

17 06 2009

T-Shirt at Cafe Press

Cafe Press has a great selection of Zombie-themed children’s T-shirts for sale.  Make sure your kids live vicariously through you by letting the world know how they feel about zombies.  They also have over 600 styles of sweatshirts for adults.